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2020 Helix



size length width fins finbox sail weight
85 230 61 Freewave 26 cm /Alt. Tri 2xM95 + 1xBT180 2 x Slotboxes + 1 x Powerbox 3.7-5.6 6.4 kg
95 234 63 Freewave 28 cm /Alt. Tri 2xM95 + 1xBT190 2 x Slotboxes + 1 x Powerbox 4.0-6.2 6.7 kg
105 234 65 Freewave 30 cm /Alt. Tri 2xM105 + 1xBT200 2 x Slotboxes + 1 x Powerbox 4.2-7.0 7.0 kg
115 235 67 Freewave 32 cm /Alt. Tri 2xM105 + 1xBT210 2 x Slotboxes + 1 x Powerbox 4.5-7.5 7.4 kg


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Hot-Coat Finish
All 2020 boards feature a hot-coat paint finish. This process combines the colour pigment with the outer layer of a hard epoxy gel coat, this improves the board colour longevity, making it almost impossible to stratch off, it produces an extremely UV-resistant coating that ensures the boards colour resists fading in strong sunlight, all of this whilst saving weight by replacing the base coat paint, and two layers of top coat paint
The Electric Flex Technology
Our layup, construction, and reinforcement are all placed in where user needs and they all work in together to create the optimal stiffness to weight ration. The construction moves with you, rather and against you, which makes the board feel more lively in every movement. We call this technology Electric Flex. For our wave boards we use 45 degree carbon layup for maximum the strength and flex and for our flatwater boards we use 30 degree carbon layup for more vertical strength. Basically, flex and stiffness where its needed. The main features of the construction is the PVC Sandwich stringer. This is the spine of the board which absorbs and distributes the force from impacts throughout the boards entire construction. This eliminates unnecessary breakage as stress is shared between the entire hull, creating a much more durable construction. The stringer also helps to maintain the rocker curve during manoeuvres.
The Helix single fin takes this ultra fast and steady freewave shape to it’s limit as far as early planing, upwind capability and pure blasting. The curvy outline and slender hull shape provide excellent jibing and enough turning performance to also make the board a capable performer when entering the waves.ALTERNATIVE FIN SETUP //  THRUSTER
The Tri fin Helix combines the ultra fast freewave rocker with the enhanced turning performance offered by the shorter center fin. This extends the range of the board towards that of a dedicated wave board, while still keeping the classic easy and agility of a freewave board for straight line sailing. The tri setup also lowers the nose a bit, which adds control in choppy conditions and together with the lower leverage of a shorter center fin, this gives the board and more controlled ride in overpowered conditions.



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85, 95, 105, 115

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